Simple mobile usability testing for sites and apps.
Everything is captured and recorded on the device
with no additional hardware required.

Test your web apps and mobile websites easily and quickly.

Magitest Browser (available from the App Store) is all you need to record the test session of any browser based product. See what your users do, hear what they say & observe their reactions.

Try it now, for free.

Finally and easy way to record usability tests of your native apps. (both iPhone and iPad)
  1. 1Download the Magitest code
  2. 1Add it to your project code (or get your developer to)
  3. 1Export your app for testing
Download the SDK (v2.0) Install instructions
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It's only natural

Magitest allows your participants to test your mobile app or site in the most natural way possible - the way you designed it to be used - in their hand.

No more worry about where the video camera is and which body part is in the way.

A simpler lab

Don't spend a fortune cobbling together bits and pieces of flaky hardware and software. Magitest provides a seamless solution for recording, observing and managing your mobile usability tests.

Takin' it to the streets

Context. Context. Context. With Magitest, you can get into the field and record tests on your device - in the locations where your product is likely to be used. The results will speak for themselves.